Finding Balance Between Engineering and Writing and Life…

Recently I read an article about the cost of getting a PhD. And no, it’s not what you’re thinking – not the cost of college fees, but rather the far more terrible cost of mental health. The article had some pretty shocking statistics about how many graduate students struggle with depression and while I was [...]

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Lessons I learnt while self-publishing

So I wanted to talk about the necessities when one intends to self-publish: Write the book (Done!) Editing Book cover art Website Marketing Other bits and pieces (Copyright, ISBN etc.) One piece of advice – if you’re planning to self-publish, these are all things you should consider well ahead of publishing! I wasn’t nearly as [...]

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My Dogs

One of the major advantages of living in South Africa is the large, open spaces. This has meant that I’ve always been lucky enough to have a canine companion. I’ve had Alsations, German Shorthaired Pointers, a Toy Poodle, a Chow Chow, a beagle as well as a couple of dogs of questionable heritage. They’ve all [...]

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Southern Africa

The Magic of Africa Living in South Africa means that I’m spoilt for choice in this regard. The Kruger National Park is famous world over as a destination of choice when viewing wildlife in its natural environment. There, from the safety of your vehicle you can see quizzical zebra, embarrassed wildebeest, elegant sable and a [...]

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The long, meandering road to self-publishing…

So – for many years I was one of the very many people (according to some statistics) that thought: I have a book in me. After making that grandiose statement on multiply occasions, my husband got tired of hearing it and told me to just ‘go ahead and write it.’ […]