Announcing sequel to Into the Between

I am very excited to announce that the sequel to Into the Between is now available on Amazon!


Beyond the Between


He can see what is yet to come.

She is haunted by echoes of the past.

Their fates are bound by the power of their Gifts.


After winning the Elemental Trials, Allyra believes she has won her freedom. In truth, she has only played her part in the opening moves of a game that started long before her time. In order to discover the truth of the Betrayal, an event which irrevocably changed the history of the Gifted, Allyra must delve deeper into the unforgiving and brutal world of the Gifted. She must participate in the Five Finals, a competition where death isn’t just possible, but expected.


As she gets closer to the truth of the Betrayal, and the part that Alex played in it, she realizes that nothing comes without a price. Even as her power grows, Allyra must decide just how much of herself she is willing to sacrifice in her quest for the truth.


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